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Tennis Lessons

I just finished tennis lessons, and I couldn’t wait to get out of my tight blue sweater and white skirt.  I felt too cute and pure in that outfit, like those preppy girls you see in movies.  So I thought about something naughty to do while I was in and out of my cute tennis gear.  Take a look at me stripping out of my preppy clothes and giving you what you really want, a peek at my hot little body.  I hope no one sees me out here when I start playing with myself on the porch.  If you want to see what happens, the rest are over at Alison Angel.

Having fun in my panties

I got a bunch of new panties, so I set up the camera to make you guys a video.  Watch me try on all my new panties and play a little in each one.  I felt so sexy taking off and putting on my panties.  I even play with my pussy and tits a little in this video.  I know how much you guys love to watch me touch myself.  This is just a little part of the video for you to see, but I know you’ll love it.  I tried on a pair of pretty white undies with blue flowers and then a purple pair.  If you’re a panty fetishist, head over to Alison Angel to see everything I can do with my cute undies.


I love these pictures of me all dolled up like a frosty pink cupcake.  I was decorating my new apartment, in my pajamas of course, and started playing around.  I get down and dirty on my exercise ball and even revive a few cheer leading moves!  I know you’ll be cheering for me when you see what happens next.  The dirtiest ones are on Alison Angel , but you can get some naughty samples below.  I love the picture with my legs spread on my big ball.  You’d be surprised how much abuse that rubber ball will take, but that’s another topic for another time.  For now, you’ll have to enjoy my fun pictures.

House Pet

I love being a home body.  I know you guys would love to come home to all the laundry done, the house clean, and a lingerie clad beauty waiting for you in front of the fireplace (and a fire already going).  When you come in the door, I could be ready to strip out of my sexy clothes and make you feel good.  I’ll bet you’d be willing to skip dinner.  For now, you’ll just have to settle for the pictures of me being domestic.  After everything was clean and there was a fire going, the heat had me feeling wet and horny, so I had to touch myself right there in front of the fire.  Those photos are over at Alison Angel .

Video acquaintance with all you!

Now here is some spicy video for all my fans to have a look at me live. It is not actually live but communication in a video format which is obviously better for you as you see my slow nasty moves as I strip by the mirror jamming my soft titties. It feels so good and they taste so fine, I bet you are staring at me like a hungry wolf with your nose rubbing against the screen. I am a wild pussy cat and I love playing with boys so enjoy the video and make sure you check the updates. You can also have a look at my personal paysite Alison Angel or read Alison Angel Review first.

Get in the line, gentlemen!

This is our first meeting here, so I am planning to make you a bit excited. Check out the naughty mood I am feeling at the moment and cast your horny glances at me while I’m posing for you. First moments of light embarrassment are gone and I am ready to be a bad girl for you. I guess a sexy short skirt is something you will definitely love to see on my cute buttocks. Move your sight from the bottom of my feet up to the very top till the moment I bend to make you feel joy gazing at the upskirted pretty buns of mine. Check me out at my personal website Alison Angel or read Alison Angel Review first.